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Physicians who hold the degree of Doctor of Medicine or Bachelor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy from a medical college or Osteopathic School may become a member of the Dougherty County Medical Society. DCMS offers free memberships to the Residency Physicians. more

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The Dougherty County Medical Society continues to grow and serve its members. The Board actively encourages physicians to take a more active role in the organization. It is imperitive that physicians continue to work hard to help shape their own future and the destiny of medicine.

It is through these dues that we are able to continue to strive to give Dougherty County physicians the Medical Association they deserve.

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You may download and print the PDF Application form and mail it back to: DCMS, to:
P.O. Box 3770
Albany, Georgia 31706-3770

About Us

Dr. Deborah Trammell, PathologistChartered in 1955, the Dougherty County Medical Society is an association of physicians residing and practicing in Dougherty County for the purpose of promoting the science and art of medicine and the betterment of public health. DCMS is a non-profit organization and a charter member of the Medical Association of GA.

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What We Offer

Educational and Social Opportunities

DCMS membership meetings create a forum to express ideas and concerns with peers and provides opportunities for physicians to meet in for educational and social programs and events. This also gives physicians’ spouses an opportunity to meet and become better acclimated to the community.

Giving Back to the Community

Dr. Michael Daugherty presents a check to Darton President Peter Sireno and Jeff Ethridge(Pictured LR) Darton College Interim President, Dr. Paul Jones accepts a $2500 check from Dr. Karen Lovett and Dr. Melinda Greenfield

DCMS organizes community projects and has donated nearly $20,000 to Darton Allied Health and South Georgia Rails to Trails. Projects and programs include: RiverFront Run promoting Exercise Is Medicine; American Idol: MD, and Dancing with the Docs.

Dr. Troy Skidmore, Orthopedist
Dr. Troy Skidmore, Orthopedic Surgeon

Board of Directors

Henry Barnard, MD

President, 2016
Orthopedic Surgeon

Robert Pilcher, MD

Vice President
Orthopedic Surgeon

Samantha McCaskill, DO

Family Medicine


  • Gurinder Doad, MD, Past President

  • Melinda Greenfield, MD

  • Michael Daugherty, DO*

  • Timothy Trulock, MD**

  • Jose Tongol, MD

  • Christopher Smith, MD

  • Steve Kitchen, MD

  • Harry Dorsey, MD

  • Karen Lovett, MD

  • John Edward Vance, MD

Board of Censors

(Last 3 presidents & current president/vice president.)

Karen Lovett, MD

Melinda Greenfield, MD

Gurinder Doad, MD

Henry Barnard, MD